Your Worst Experience Can Bring the Best Out of You

By Joseph Rutakangwa

Your Worst Experience Can Bring the Best Out of You

Your worst experience can bring the best out of you. I have met a number of people whose lives were actually better following their worst experience in life. Many of them say they feel healthier, happier and even more hopeful after a major crisis.

It does not imply that they didn’t have a hard time after a traumatic event. Just like any other person they also experience a great deal of distress. However, for them, a major life crisis helped to set a path to a better and more fulfilling life. 

Here’s how your worst experience can bring the best out of you:   

1. You are mentally stronger than you think.

After living through a stressful life experience, you may learn that you’re mentally stronger than you once imagined. Withstanding storms in life provides an opportunity to bring out inner strength you never knew existed. These crushing hardships may be of assistance as a reminder that you’re emotionally equipped to face anything you come across with in life.

2. There are new possibilities in life.

Hard knocks can also open your eyes to find a new purpose in life. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, would not have found his company had he not failed to get a job at KFC, among other things he failed at.  The assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai, an activist for the right to female education, sparked international support and led to the ratification of Pakistani’s first Right to Education Bill. Adversity may be a door to the discovery of opportunities you never knew existed.

3. Life is priceless.

Experiencing sickness, near death situations or a major loss, can serve as a reminder that life is valuable and time is precious. Coming through something horrific may help you better appreciate those ‘little’ things in life, like looking at a colorful flower or hearing a child laugh.

4. Relationships need to be updated.

Some of your relationships may be strained as you endure a tragic experience. But, tough times can also increase your connection with others. During your life’s toughest challenges is when you can see who is really there for you. A crisis is an opportunity to filter your relationships. A deeper sense of connection might be established between you and those who stay at your side through tough times.

5. There’s a new meaning in life.

A crisis might lead you to re-examine your spiritual beliefs. Sometimes you might feel that your beliefs are challenges or faith shaken – which is not a bad thing. Such experiences can help you pay more attention to thinking about your beliefs and better understand spiritual matters. As a result, your faith may be strengthened. A life-changing event can help you find a new meaning in life, regardless of your belief.

Thriving Vs. Surviving

It is possible that you may come across tough moments in your life. But the good news is, a life crisis will not make your life worse. It might be your opportunity to revive.

There are numerous factors that play a role in your growth following a life crisis. Readjusting your core beliefs and learning skills to minimize psychological distress, and seeing yourself as a survivor are some of the ways that can help you experience positive change after a life changing event.

That’s how your worst experience can bring the best out of you.

Your Worst Experience Can Bring the Best Out of You
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