Tired of Being Ordinary? Here’s How to Unleash the Fabulous in You

By Joseph Rutakangwa

Tired of Being Ordinary? Here’s How to Unleash the Fabulous in You

So you’re up to here with being ordinary? You claim you deserve more from this life? You’ve tried following your passion but still want more out of it? Well, I hate to break it to you but conveying how you feel will not lift you from where you are today to feeling like Thor.

We choose to be ordinary by ignoring what we do on a day to day basis. In consequence, we lose time and energy – the most valuable resources. Loss of time and energy in a long run results in frustration, stress, negativity, and pessimism. So the real question is, how do you unleash the fabulous in you?

Here’s how:

Think Unorthodoxly

Ordinary Joes are wound up with fitting in. From now on, you’re going to be consumed with the opposite – standing out. You shall write down a clear statement of what you want regardless of the existing state of affairs. You shall think freely and express your views. The more unorthodox your views are, the happier you should be. Watch a video I made on how to know what you want here.

Go Wild

Some of my friends think I’m lost (Mission accomplished: roger). Being a plain Jane means being predictable. An ordinary person’s likes and dislikes, views, hobbies, routine, aspirations, and fashion sense are in a defined range. You’re not ordinary that’s why you’re reading this in the first place. So, when you think of doing something, just do it! Go wild and shake up your life. Do what people don’t expect. Ordinariness does not exist in the world of triumph. Times change, new events unfold, and challenges change. You shall take a step towards some absurd prodigious goal every day.

Be Content

We are all imperfect from day one. If you think of the almost infinite obstacles set to let us down then you’ll know you’ve got it made. Perhaps your mind is constantly pulling you back, but you keep moving forward. You’re still alive and working toward your dreams. Maybe you haven’t found your purpose yet, but you’re searching for it. Ordinary people are sick and tired of everything around them. You shall be content with what you’ve done, not what you haven’t. We can’t know what would have happened, but we can work to make things happen. You can follow my ongoing video series, Negative to Zero: A Guide to Change, for practical steps to getting to where you want to be.

Have Faith

Success is progressive. Small events happening in your life are linked and they lead to something. Ordinary Joes believe that these moments are insignificant and fall into one of the two categories – good and bad. In reality, you need “meaningless”, bad and good moments to grow. In point of fact, your brain links thoughts as events unfold to come up with something of great significance. You don’t know exactly how, but you have to have faith that you will eventually see if you choose not to settle for mediocrity. Everything has a meaning, you’re not aware of it yet, and you shouldn’t be. Be certain that you’ll get what you want.

Build Others

Plain Janes tend to knock down their so-called opponents in a ring. You, on the other side, shall help others to build themselves so they feel fabulous. We long to find the right partners, have best friends, families free from drama, and good leaders. We keep looking because we see faults in people around us. Start spotting the good in people around you and see your life transform. Be that good leader, the right partner, and best friend. Imagine the good that you will bring in your life.

Be Authentic

An ordinary Joe is unbeatable when it comes to this one skill – acting. Such people spend their lifetime taking best shots at being anyone but themselves. They believe that having certain careers, beliefs, or having material possessions will make people like them so they put on the act. Fabulous people remain who they are. They know their value and unique position in this world. Not that they’re egoistic, but they’ve accepted themselves and know they’re adding value. The value they’re adding is what pushes them rather than how others perceive them.

You are unique. Know it. Accept it. Embrace it. Go wild.

See you on the other side.

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