Stuck in Life? Here’s What You Can Do

By Joseph Rutakangwa

Stuck in life? Here's what you can do
Stuck in life? Here’s what you can do

The 21st century is getting stranger by the day and things we can do to make a living have become even weirder… a good way. You’re stuck in life. Maybe you lost your job, hate your current job, never been hired, failed in business, or your business is not picking up – whatever it is – you’re just experiencing life in pause. I’ve been in such a position many times almost after every sprint (a high-paced run of the growth-failure cycle). It just takes me less time to unstuck myself by using what worked in the previous episode.

So, here’s what you can do:

1. Write down what you are doing now.

How are you spending your time while in limbo? Do you sleep all day? Watch videos all day? Do house chores day in and day out? Just write down all of it; from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them. That’s your raw material. 

2. Pick the best ways to share insights from what you’re doing now.

If you have access to electricity, the internet, and a smartphone or computer – you’re all set! Get online and decide how you’d want to share insights from what you’re doing now. You can draw insights from everything done by a human being. Taking from your above-mentioned activities, you can make;

– Sleep tutorials, sounds, and hacks through vlogs and blogs.

– Reviews, translations, and recommendations for movies/YouTube videos/etc. 

– Plan templates, courses, on managing house chores for families/singles through a website, blog, vlog. 

3. Advertise

The same way you are stuck in life, there are people who are also stuck but in different aspects of their lives. These people are looking for answers to their problems and you already have the solutions. You need to share these solutions and reach out to what will later become your audience. Having access to the internet is having access to 4.57 billion people as of July 2020. Use the above-selected ways to share your insights with specific people. Taking from your above-mentioned insights, you can target;

People with sleeping disorders for your sleep tutorials, sounds, and hacks.

– Movie fanatics for your reviews, translations, and recommendations. 

– Parents, singles, and kids for your templates, courses, on managing house chores.

4. Monetize

Once you have the target audience engaged, you can then the value of your offering in exchange for payment. You may also get requests for paid services/products or gain revenue from advertising, depending on your situation.  From your target audience;

– Some People with sleeping disorders may opt to pay for a one-on-one session to get a personalized hack for their specific issue and environment. 

– Some movie fanatics may opt to subscribe for your reviews, translations, and recommendations based on their taste. And no, Netflix doesn’t do this well.

– Some parents, singles, and kids may pay for a customized template/solution to manage their house chores – I got this one lately.

You have to understand that there’s a market for almost anything done by humans because we all want to simplify activities. Capitalize on your current situation and unstuck yourself towards your new life. Of course, anything you do requires commitment and persistence but if you’re already doing it, why not exploit it?

Stuck in Life? Here's What You Can Do
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