When You Live For You

By Joseph Rutakangwa

when you live for you

1.    You’ll find yourself

Imagine you have an owner’s manual that shows how YOU tick? Finding out about yourself is usually a long-term experiment.  You can reduce the errors by tuning into how you behave and respond in various circumstances. What triggers defensiveness in you? Will you diffuse bothering and abstain from going ballistic?  What drives your enthusiasm? Knowing your habits, responses, qualities, and shortcomings prepare you to explore work circumstances and social connections quickly.

2.    You’ll meet your ride or die friend – YOU

A solid self-relationship develops when you completely embrace yourself, warts and what not. In a deep relationship, a lady can detect and will tenderly touch her partner to calm him down amid a warmed dialog with somebody. A man will defensively put himself between his partner and a threatening outsider. When you are your best friend, you won’t place yourself in circumstances which cause you outrage, dread, or bitterness. You recognize your shortcomings; however, you likewise work at, decreasing or changing over those weaknesses. Acknowledgment and exertion bring a sense of pride. You will appreciate yourself.

3.    You’ll be nice to yourself

You wear many caps in life. You have a job, are a friend, a partner, a brother, a sister, driver, mentor, volunteer, and so on. Many people rely on you, however you can’t always deliver. Since you are your own bestie, you will be pardoning of our weaknesses. You’ll take mix ups as lessons for growth areas and victories as approval of abilities. Both will be open doors for self-nurturing. Treating yourself to some tranquil time alone or celebrating with a fun gathering will turn out to be second nature and virtuous. You know it is merited.

4.    You will fear nothing

Inferiority surfaces in correlation with peers. Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson states that the idea of mediocrity starts at school age in the classroom. Peer pressure is most grounded amid pre-adulthood because of the time spent with scores of similarly-aged groups and the high significance youngsters put on their peers’ opinions. How does knowing this help you? You can salute yourself for transitioning from that challenging time. On the off chance that you acknowledge your weaknesses, you are less vulnerable to another person’s judgment.

5.    A shadow, you will never be

Little children emulate their parents and young people get affected by their friends’ selection of colleges to go to. This is part of learning self-concept. A female intern will take after the dress style of female supervisor and a male student will emulate the definitive voice of his guide. This is a characteristic piece of adjusting to the work culture. When you grasp who you truly are, you have a steady self-idea. You know about your identity qualities, what you look like and sound, your values, convictions, objectives and aptitudes. Also, you value your uniqueness. Duplicate someone else’s character? That is improbable on the grounds that you are open to being you.

6.    You’ll graduate from “maybes” and “what ifs”

What if I apply for a managerial position and get rejected? What if I tell this girl I like her and she snickers at my face? What if I invest in that business and it goes bankrupt? Possibly I ought to simply agree to where I am presently. Over-examining and stressing over negative outcomes comes from self-question, which is simply the opposite of certainty. A man with great confidence has a better than average perception of self. You know your aptitudes, are guided by your qualities and convictions; learn from slip-ups, and proudly enjoy your triumphs. Self-learning and thankfulness drive out self-question.

7.    You’ll build meaningful relationships

People get their signal from the way you carry on and treat yourself. On the off chance that your conduct is consistent with your convictions and qualities, they will perceive a man who is comparable or not quite the same as them yet who is, of course, a person, with his or her set of convictions and qualities. They won’t misread your actions. You know what you deserve and are happy asking nicely for it. You don’t give others a chance to force their beliefs on you, and you withhold judging them. When you live your life for you, you will pull in other authentic people who respect, support, and value you.

8.    You’ll follow your heart

Life has a way of tossing questions to which your answers are significant. Knowing self is a powerful tool in your responses. A series of big questions and authentic answers will uncover your fantasy and life’s meaning. When you embrace who you truly are, your answers will be loud and clear and lead you at every turn. You’ll instinctually know the job you’ll flourish in, the causes you will best add to, the people you will associate profoundly with, and what makes you feel invigorated. Your decision-making process will be simple, guided by two question: “Will it support who I truly am?” and “Will it help me live my life for me?”

9.    You’ll make things happen

I’ve witnessed it. When you choose and hold on to your desires, opportunities show up mysteriously in the weirdest of ways from the most unexpected sources to feel your desires.

It works best when:

Your desire/reason mirrors the celestial in you, positively affects others, and balances nature;

You are clear about your desire and reason;

You settle on every life choice in support of your desire and reason;

You’re certain!

But before all of this, you need to embrace who you truly are.

when you live for you
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  1. Awesome read. I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. He actually bought me lunch since I found it for him! So let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch! Hilde Abraham Conah

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