Jason Momoa shaves off his signature long hair: ‘Here’s to new beginnings’

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Jason Momoa will hand over his braids if you hand over the plastic bottles. 

The “Aquaman” star shared a video to Instagram Monday showing a hair stylist shaving off his long, wavy hair – a signature look for the 43-year-old actor – as he spoke about the importance of eliminating single-use plastics.

In the clip, Momoa winces as the hair starts to fall off. “Hand me those braids,” he says as someone off camera passes over two braided ponytails for the actor to show off.

“Ooooh man,” he jokes as he touches the buzzed sides. “I’ve never felt the wind right there.”

Momoa, who founded bottled water company Mananalu Water, aimed at putting water in aluminum bottles instead of plastic ones, goes on to share he is shaving his head to create awareness for the overuse of plastics.

“I’m tired of these plastic bottles, we’ve got to stop, he says. “Plastic forks. All that (stuff) just goes into our land, goes into our ocean.”

“It’s just so sad,” he adds. “Please do anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your life. Help me.”

Momoa has yet to reveal what the final cut looks like, but teases “we’re going to keep going” at the end of the clip.

“Here’s to new beginnings let’s spread the aloha,” he captioned the post.

Fans were clearly torn in the comments section, weary of saying goodbye to his luscious locks but welcoming of his mission.

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“Hair grows back and it’s for a great cause! I’m sure it will look amazing,” one commented.

“Noooo, yeahhhh! But noooo,” wrote another.

So far, Momoa seems to have saved his signature goatee this time, but it was his facial hair that he first shaved off to make a statement about plastics in 2019, when he launched Mananalu Water. In a YouTube video, the actor took a razor to his face and displayed a bare look for the first time in seven years. Today, the company promises to remove a plastic bottle bound for the ocean for every bottle of Mananalu a consumer drinks.

Momoa isn’t the first to ditch his hair for a cause. Last year, HGTV star Chip Gaines clipped his coppery mane for charity, raising more than $315,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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