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Business Advice

  • Coming up with a great business idea.
  • Identify your vision.
  • What to do next once you have a novel business idea.
  • Picking the right business partner.
  • Setting up the business.
  • Going to market.
  • Building/reviewing your pitch deck.
  • Connecting to investors.
  • Product design.
  • Expanding to new markets.
  • And any other areas.

Career Advice

  • Know your mission in life.
  • Choosing the right field of study.
  • How to correctly spend your time in university.
  • Getting employment ready.
  • Building a professional brand online.
  • Connecting to the right employers.
  • Pitching employers.
  • Negotiating with employers.
  • Maximizing your value at work.
  • Get involved outside of work.
  • Switching careers.
  • And any other areas.

Life Advice

  • Influencing your thoughts, emotions, and vibe.
  • Changing your environment to dictate the best outcome.
  • How to optimize your relationships.
  • Reducing the probability and frequency of negative events in your life.
  • Navigating negative events and recovering from the aftermath.
  • Know what you want in life.
  • Know what you value in life.
  • Know your purpose in life.
  • And any other areas.


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