You and I Need Enduring Happiness; Here’s How to Create it.

By Joseph Rutakangwa

You and I Need Enduring Happiness; Here’s How to Create it.

Take care of your physical health

Drink lots of water. Do you want to think faster? Water facilitates oxygen transfer to your brain which increases your brain efficiency. Energize your muscles, control calories, and keep your skin looking good by drinking more water.

Eat your veggies. You have bills to pay, assignments due, a family to support, an audition, etc. Imagine adding health problems to your list. It won’t look good at all. So, do yourself a favour and start eating your veggies before it’s too late.

Quit smoking. Quit alcohol. I can’t stress this enough. You have learnt what they do to your body since primary school. Just stop. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Improve your emotional health

Throw away your TV. When I was six, my parents used to tell me “TV is a monster.” But as a dedicated Scooby-Doo fan, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. And yes, I learned so much from Discovery channel, Nova, and other similar TV programs. But have you assessed the amount of negativity TV brings in your life? Commercials showing you how you’re not good enough, the dramas, how media portrays gender, religion, et cetera. All these things affect the way you see the world and yourself – whether you’re conscious about it or not. Just throw away your TV.

Get some fresh air. When we toil or get emotionally unstable, tension can build up in the room. Go for a walk and take some time from tense surroundings.  Spending at least 15 minutes a day outdoors can help you recharge completely.

Keep smiling. I’m talking about a real smile. We often wait for people to smile at us before we smile back. Why not show them how? According to recent research, scientists found that a smile can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16,000 pound sterling in cash. Also, a study by Penn State University confirmed that:

  • With a smile, you look good and feel good.
  • When others see you smile, they smile too.
  • When others smile, they look good and feel good, too.

This is a perfect tool for achieving inner and outer peace. Just keep a big, genuine smile.

Be genuine. You don’t want to be a double agent – not in this life. Be brutally frank with yourself and others. It’s far better to get something off your chest than let it corrode your soul. We often feel guilty about certain things because we keep them to ourselves – and that’s unhealthy. Be open, be direct when speaking. You will live a stress-free and simple life.


Sleep early. To get enough sleep and wake up early, you need to go to bed earlier. Avoid a hangover and parties you may regret. You’ll allow your body to offer more restorative sleep and have plenty of time when you wake up.

Wake up early. Some people are night owls, but you’ll get most things done when you wake up earlier. In a sense, it is illogical that all successful people are early risers. But guess what? They are. Studies show that early risers are more proactive, optimistic, and plan better. Copy those who got it right.

Uninstall ALL unnecessary apps. Are you using that organizer app or diary on your phone? Stats show you’re not.  So, just get rid of them – all of them. Period. The primary use of your phone is to make calls and message people. Additional functions are there to distract you from focusing on your daily goals and spending time with people around you. A phone is a device, not your bestie.

Set up a new email account. You’ve probably subscribed to so many websites and receive junk emails. Don’t go through the trouble of unsubscribing all of them. Set up a new email account and share your new address only with the most important people. You will have two accounts; one for the unimportant stuff and the other for important communication.

Do it now. We often say, “I’ll do it in 5 minutes,” or even worse, “I’ll do it later.” If you can do it in 5 minutes, why not do it now? The longer you wait, the more important and urgent it becomes. Then, it creates stress. Get simple tasks done right away.  


Just say NO. Turn down all unproductive things you do. Quit toxic relationships. Say no to anything that doesn’t bring you happiness. Say it aloud, mean it and live it.

Calm down and say YES.  Say yes to new adventures and amazing opportunities coming your way. If your heart gives you the green light, don’t hesitate. Say it aloud, mean it and live it.

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