9 Ways to Destroy What Stands Between You & Your Dream Life.

By Joseph Rutakangwa

9 Ways to Destroy What Stands Between You & Your Dream Life by Joseph Rutakangwa

Fear is just an illusion. Years back I stayed away from pain through fear, and I could always control it from within. Instead of blaming external factors affecting my life, I decided to change my perceptions by studying about the subconscious mind.

I came to realise that subconscious mind transmits most of our thoughts on a daily basis. It’s like a hard drive loaded with our beliefs and behaviours that we formed throughout our lifetime. Just like an electronic device, the mind can only be changed if you ‘restore factory settings’ and tap it with new, positive material.

Here are 9 Ways to Destroy What Stands Between You & Your Dream Life;

1.    Be Aware of Fear and how it pops in your life.

Your mind creates fear, which is an illusion, to protect you from misery. There are two places where your thoughts originate: a place of love and a place of fear. It’s either one or the other. Begin to list all the things you tell yourself on a daily basis that is coming from the other place – fear.

2.    Exercise Positive Self-Proclamation.

After you list your recurring thoughts of fear (negative), overturn them to positive ones. For example, if you always say, “I’m not that creative,” make a self-proclamation like, “I’m a genius and add value to the world.” Stand before a mirror, look straight in your eye, and repeat the affirmations aloud. With time, you will start approaching the world with a more positive and abundant mindset.

3.    Keep an Open Mind.

If you have always believed that you will never find true love, open your mind to the outside chance of true love coming to you. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” says philosopher and self-help author, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Repeat this mantra from Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles to see things differently: “I am willing to see this differently; I am willing to see love instead of this.” It will help you shift the way you perceive the world.

4.    Feel it.

If you bury your fears away, they will hold you back. Let yourself feel that fear which is the only way it can leave your body. When you feel uncomfortable of fearful, sit in silence for five minutes, taking deep breaths, letting each of your worries come into your mind. Feel it and imagine it leaving you as you breathe. Concluding this powerful meditative session, put on some good music and celebrate.

5.    Do a fear analysis.

Sometimes fear protects you from physical harm – which is great. Nonetheless, most of the time we fear emotions, not actions. Although these emotions are intense, they cannot cause harm. Analyse your fear if it’s emotional or rational. Say thank you to irrational fears for trying to protect you from feelings of loneliness or being lost, then kindly ask them to leave.

6.    Who is first? – You.

You are the most important thing in your life – put yourself first. Taking care of yourself by eating right, practicing self-love, having ‘me time’ and exercising brings you more confidence to beat fear. Make sure you schedule a non-negotiable time for yourself EVERYDAY. You can brainstorm a list of self- care activities that would lighten you up and leave you fearless. Music, meditation, and creative visualization work great for me.

7.    Face your fears.

Do the things that terrify you the most, but which are part of your dreams. It all begins with one step. Don’t jump off the cliff in the name of facing your fears, the fear you face has to be standing between you and your dream. If your dream is to perform a song in front of a large crowd but the thought overwhelms you, start by singing alone in a room or to your friends. Once you make initial moves, the rest becomes easy.

8.    Talk about your fear.

“The fear of the name is the fear of the thing itself.” – Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Talking about a fear reduces most of its power. How? Speaking about something means that you are making it a “subject”, which puts you in control. Real strength is in your ability to be vulnerable. When you talk about your fears to others, grow stronger and capable of protecting yourself with love.

9.    Imagine it, you will see it.

Start rewriting your life story. You control your thoughts and you control your destiny. The other day I was on the road with friends and as we drove past a certain estate, I noticed some defects. I told one of my friends that we should no longer consider purchasing a home in that estate – everyone had a good laugh. It always sounds crazy until it comes to reality, which is always the case. Begin creating vision boards and believe, sincerely, that you deserve to be happy in all areas of your life. I promise you will be.

There you have them, 9 Ways to Destroy What Stands Between You & Your Dream Life. See the steps to your dream life here.

9 Ways to Destroy What Stands Between You & Your Dream
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